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A man, Manuel Villa, with a passion for doing things different from others, a land, Emilia that brings with it the innate passion for mechanics and engines, a holiday period to go home and a bet with a friend.  Hence the adventure of MST.

The year 2009 is about and Manuel’s behavior of his Bmw HP2 Enduro’s front end did not go too far, too “soft” and according to Manuel with a tendency to warp. Given what was around in the aftermarket did not like and taking advantage of a little ‘free time to spend at home in the city and with the family mechanics workshop available, he took the opportunity to design a pair of steering plates derived from full that, over time, life will change. It’s so good that friends start asking for it. This and other special things.

This is how MST is born, we start to produce special parts using TecnoVi’s experience, a family company specialized in precision mechanics and sheet molds / molding, a fundamental element for the evolution of the activity. At the end of 2014 comes the second step forward of MST, the entry of Gianluca Calò, who as an expert in web and communication, as well as motorcycles, contributes in a fundamental way to the growth of the company. Then come the Rally Light kits, a competition instrumentation castle that mounts without making holes in the frame, simple clean, brilliant, and performing. The kits have been used professionally by Chavo Salvatierra in the Dakar 2015 and by the Himoinsa Team.

In 2016 for MST start the commitments with the official houses; their project dedicated to the creation of the Africa Twin Rally, arrives at the “ears” of the parent company, which instructs it to build 100 motorcycles with the production of cnc steering plates, tower racks, hulls, etc.

In 2017 he began the study of specialized components for Husqvarna 701 which is finalized in 2018 with the launch of a brand new kit designed specifically for this bike and composed of a rally navigation tower, carbon fiber engine protection.

A front plastic tank kit is also designed to increase the autonomy during competitions; and even in this case, with the ‘great attention to detail that distinguishes their achievements, they have prepared a perfectly adapted to the bike’.

The business then continues with the development for Rally Expert kit development design, with four tanks, two front and two rear for CRF 450 Honda racing that participated in the Africa Eco Race old route of the Dakar.

MST Specialthings, however, not only deals with competitive activities, prepares its customers for special accessories such as “taylor made” cnc steering plates, specific aluminum tanks rather than any other work that can make a motorcycle unique.

MST brand of TecnoVi Sas
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