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Foto & Video Credit: Discovery Endual

MST, a company specialized in the production of accessories for Rally and Touring motorcycles, has for years been distinguished in the world market for the creation of kits created ad hoc for motorcycles destined to face the great Rally Raid as well as the great adventure trips. The company, to date, boasts an important precision mechanical workshop that allows the study and construction of any component, from the meticulous design to CAD up to seeing the finished realization to satisfy every project. From the brilliant mind of Manuel, Patron of the Company, the project was born to create a brand new Rally version based on Husqvarna 701, tailor-made for the Transitalia Marathon. The tanks were made from scratch from the templates created on the basis of the 450 Rally, slim in the upper part for the best driveability. All the plastic parts of the bike have been made of carbon kevlar to give a unique style to the vehicle and obtain the minimum weight. Castle and instrumentation are derived from the 450 Rally.

 The line is elegant and aggressive and the graphics stylized to emphasize the texture of the fiber.

The 701 in question is fitted with a Leovince exhaust created ad hoc in the company to obtain a homologated product with maximum performance, obtained after several tests on the power bench.

The bike will be used by Mirco Urbinati for the reconnaissance of the route and the drafting of the Road Book and will be exhibited in the most representative trade fairs in the sector.