MST0079-KTM790ADV/R ENGINE GUARD 2019-2020

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Material Science: 7075 Aviation aluminum
We named this guard: “Super tank”
We use 7075 aviation grade aluminum material, cold bending process for one-time forming. The reason why we use metal welding is to ensure the best performance of the material. After bending, we use hydraulic riveting technology for riveting.
Q:What can we offer for your adventure?
A:The RYAN shield provides all-round dynamic protection under extreme cross-country adventure conditions, ensuring that your exploration journey will not fail due to the damaged fuel tank during the exploration
Q:Weight and fuel tank protection?
A:About weight:5KG,
It looks heavy, but there is no need to install upper and lower guard bars, and it will not affect the riding center of gravity.
Weight and fuel tank protection? Which is more important in the whole adventure.
Q:Why do we build” super tanks”
A:We think that the upper and lower guard bars can not provide dynamic protection effectively.We want to be the lightest and most effective way to make sure that you can explore successfully in all kinds of complex terrain during your exploration all over the world.

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Peso10 kg
Dimensioni60 × 60 × 60 cm