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Haute Couture for the world of two-wheels rally.

Your motorbike, tailor-made for you, as if it were a parade dress.

Our commitment, our experience, but at your service to make a dream come true, which will come true every time you start the engine.

HONDA DOMINATOR Rally Rehab Tower KIt  is a challenge against yourself.

The kit is composed from :

  1. Rally tower made of aluminum alloy, composed of parts in Alloy 5754 H111 specially modeled to respect the shapes and designs of the 3D model and parts of high-strength Alloy, both in Alloy 6082 T6 H111 rather than Lega7075 T6 H111. The tower in the Adventuring configuration allows the assembly of the New Digital instrumentation and the power support base for a Garmin navigator of the Montana series or GPSMAP 276CX, rather than an IP67 8 “Tablet (maximum size allowed) The tower is equipped
  2. Clear HRC style plexiglass,
  3. LowBeam Full led Highsider light, CE approved
  4. Position led light , CE approved
  5. High Beam Full Led Highsider Light, CE approved
  6. Electrical system repositioning system.
  7. White raw unpainted front fairing sides panels  made of carbon-kevlar for maximum lightness together with maximum resistance
  8. Rear luggage CNC milled ,black painted
  9. White front fender
  10. Assembly instructions












Rehab Kit fit only on the RD02 1993 m.y.

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