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The boundless landscape of Mongolia have always fascinated explorers and adventurers. For this reason, an important customer has commissioned us to prepare his Yamaha WR450 to be able to face the journey in the lands of Genghis Khan. We started from our kit: MST0023 to subsequently make important upgrades on the whole bike.

The first challenge that awaited us was how to improve the night lighting. Together with the technicians we have redesigned the front of the navigation tower which now houses 4 Highsider LED lights.

The second challenge was to increase the range of the motorcycle. First we installed an 11 liter central tank of the IMS, after which we made 4 carbon-kevlar tanks to bring the complete autonomy beyond the classic 25 liters.

The bashplate also in carbon-kevlar contains an integrated 3-liter water tank. To complete the motorcycle: the low exhaust system, low front fender, CNC fuel caps, CNC triple clamps, CNC risers and all the F2R navigation kit.

We look forward to customer photos; you stay in touch with us and you will see some good ones.