MST0246-KTM 1050-1090-1190 ADV RALLY KIT

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KTM 1050/1090/1190 have picked up the Adventure legacy of the legendary KTM 990 Adventure, the Twin from Mattighofen.
So here at MST Rally we have created a plug & play kit that can allow you to transform the style of your KTM 1xx0 to make it look more and more like one of the fantastic rally bikes built by KTM, the prestigious KTM 450 Rally Replica 2017.
Therefore, by completely changing the support structure of the headlight group, the headlight group and the plexiglass, you now have the opportunity to have both the Adventure functionality (using any GPS or electronic device for GPX navigation) and total navigation with a complete Rally equipment consisting of Roadbook, ICO etc etc.
At your disposal you will find:

“DIY” version which allows you to purchase from MST Rally only the structural parts to change the tower of your motorbike by purchasing separately, from your trusted dealer or by recovering what you have on the garage shelf, all the parts of the lights and plexiglass department ; Below are the codes of the parts that you must purchase separately.


76408001000 FRONT LIGHT MASK 1
69006001060 GUARNIZIONE 1
76412079000 STONE GUARD 1
0081050141 EJOT SCREW K50X14 2
76414004000 POSITION LIGHT 1
76408001005 CELLULAR RUBBER 2
1BL-998-570-001 HELLA 1
1TL-998-670-027 HELLA 1



“Basic” version composed of the “DIY” version plus the MST Rally plexiglass with KTM FRF style, specially shaped in the lower part to adapt to the KTM 1xx0 fairing side line



“Full” version, consisting of the Basic version completed by all OEM KTM parts such as Hella low beam light, Hella high beam light, Position light, transparent headlight protection, headlight protection fixing screws, KTM headlight shell



For each of the three versions, the OEM KTM plexiglass can also be mounted, code 76408008000, but you should know that you will have to modify it as we modified ours.


WARNING: All images on the website are purely indicative, so our company reserves the right to make improvements to the products without prior notice

For racing use only, not approved for road use

It is forbidden to use the kit for purposes other than those specified

Tecnovi sas is not responsible for any damages resulting from improper, erroneous and unreasonable uses or failure to comply with assembly instructions

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