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Aprilia Tuareg 660 Rally Kit is a tower in high-strength aluminum alloy, designed to connect to the OEM headlight of your Tuareg while maintaining all the original parts of the fairing.

With this Adventure set-up you will have, in a clearly visible and adjustable position, the right space for your navigation instruments such as RoadBook and 3 ICOs, two in the upper position and one in the lower position, Iritrack antenna group and GPSUnik2.

The Iritrack V2 instrument support bracket is housed in the front position. On request, the tower with Iritrack V3 attachment bracket and relative repeater can be prepared.

The windshield of your Tuareg can now be adjusted to two positions, the most advanced, which will allow you to have greater protection from the air during your races and to protect your race tools correctly. The adjustment takes place in a very simple way by operating the daisy chain handles that fix it to the turret.

The TFT instrumentation is in a clearly visible position as in the OEM configuration. The accessory USB socket has been repositioned on the left side so that you will always have a charging point available for your devices.

Kit supplied preassembled , painted black with industrial anti – scratch treatment. The assembly of the tower requires the use of tools that are certainly present in your garage, but if you feel in difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us, we will carry out the assembly on your bike.


Aprilia TUAREG 660